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Discover Our Painting Service’s Top Texture Techniques for Stunning Walls

Painting Techniques: Different Ways to Create Texture and Visual Interest on Walls

There are several ways to update the interior of your home without giving it a total makeover when it comes to interior design. Aside from changing your soft furnishings, you can also experiment with different wall painting techniques to bring new life into your interiors. By committing to the look and feel of the space, it can also create visual interest in a room. There are more ideas to try out with a great blank wall as the design evolves than just painting it a single solid color or adding a simple contrasting trim. Here are some incredible wall painting techniques from your painting service provider that will elegantly dress up your walls.


The French word for streaking is strié. It is one of the most beautiful wall painting techniques for creating a look that resembles linen material. Yes, the Strié technique uses paint to create horizontal or vertical lines that add stunning warmth and amazing texture to your space. The best thing about this style is how well it blends with any panache.

Textured paint effects

Textures are an excellent way to enhance the visual appeal of your wall painting design. Material finishes aren’t the only way to add texture to your walls. Texture paints effectively recreate the appearance of the original textures of various materials. Texture paint can simulate the appearance of tile or marble. It is the simplest way to create illusions and is a popular choice for infusing style and vibrancy into a space.” This technique can be used in common areas or as wall painting for bedroom interiors.


Sponging is a painting technique that allows for a lot of creativity. Simply put, this technique involves applying dynamic textures and visual punch to a plain-color wall with a sponge paint roller or a simple sponge. This technique is very simple to execute and does not require any special painting skills or expertise; moreover, this painting style is quick, simple, and difficult to mess up.

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