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Unusual Kitchen Paint Colors

When it comes to experimenting with color in the home, paint is the ideal medium. It’s reasonably priced and simple to replace if you grow tired of your paint colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual paint colors for kitchen walls. Sometimes a fresh, new, even “unexpected” wall color idea is just what your kitchen needs to get it out of the rut. So, if you want to experiment with different and “unconventional” kitchen wall colors, go for it! You can always make changes later.

Here are some uncommon paint colors suggested by painting service experts.


Orange is quite popular in contemporary design, and it goes well with other citrus colors like lemon yellow or lime green. Orange also goes well with chocolate brown, beige, and other neutrals. The orange color family, like any other paint color, varies greatly in intensity and value. It can be bright and saturated, like the effect of mixing primary yellow and red or reserved and toned down, like clay and terra-cotta earthy shades that lean more toward brown.


While purple is a popular color for girls’ bedrooms, it is considered an unusual color for painting kitchens. But you are the one who has to live with your decisions, and the colors you choose should make you happy. If you have dark-stained cabinets in your kitchen, try to keep the purple color to a light to medium shade. If your kitchen is large and bright, with plenty of natural light, you can go with a darker shade, even a deep eggplant purple.


When you want the most unusual and fabulous kitchen on the block, any shade of pink will do. And for your girls’ night in, try a little pink champagne in the mix! Pink paint colors range from bright pink to pale pastel. Pink is an easy color to work with because it goes well with so many other colors. Try it on the walls in a soft pastel shade for a muted, soft effect, then decorate with grays and whites.

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